A day at Camp Thurman always begins with drop off traffic. We do our best to have a streamlined process to get the campers out of the cars as quickly and safely as possible. During traffic, campers get to know each other and their counselor better as they wait for their whole group to arrive. The highlight of traffic is our music playlist that the campers and counselors love to sing and dance to!

     Once everyone arrives, the campers head to their tent site for Bible Study. Bible Studies are tailored to fit their age group. For the youngest campers they get the high points of the Bible Study; they learn simplified aspects of The Gospel, like sin, forgiveness, and God’s unconditional love. Older campers experience a higher level Bible Study where counselors are able to go in depth into the more practical aspects of the Christian faith. 

     When Bible Study is over campers have a rotation of three activities, then lunch, and finally three more activities. On Thursdays there are special activities like the petting zoo at day camp and at night camp a Kona Ice truck sells snow cones. A typical schedule includes two rope activities, two pool times, snacks, and skits. It looks like this:


     Our night campers enjoy a different schedule. For example, during our Breakout camp, the campers pick their first three activities. Following these activities is dinner and then Bible Study, which consists of a big talk by one counselor and small group time. At the end of the night they have individual group challenges, spirit challenges, or a camp wide challenge. One long time favorite night camp challenge is referred to as Chicken Plop. In this game campers attempt to drop rubber chickens into plastic pools while riding the Big Zip. Challenges like this earn them Beaver Points. The group with the most Beaver Points at the end of the week wins the Golden Beaver trophy!

     After a day packed full with fun, these campers are tired! No matter the amount of exhaustion, in afternoon or evening traffic you can always find the counselors still interacting and being silly with the campers up until all of the campers are sent home! However, it’s not unusual to see a group taking a nap waiting for their guardian to pick them up. We pride ourselves on being as upbeat and speedy during pick up traffic as we were that morning, and do our very best to serve you and your camper with smiles.