• Camp Communication

In order for our staff to best serve you, communication is vital. The Thursday before your week at camp your camper’s counselor will call, or leave a message, on the number you provided to camp. This phone call is a reminder about your upcoming week at camp and to answer any questions you may have. 

In addition to the counselor contacting you, Camp Thurman sends an email providing information about the upcoming week. If at any time you have questions please contact your camper’s counselor first. They are able to answer almost any question you ask and if they do not know off the top of their head they will find the answer and get back to you ASAP. The most common questions tend to be about photos, snacks, and group dynamics. These are all things which the counselor can handle themselves or redirect you to the proper staff member to assist. Never hesitate to reach out to your camper’s counselor!

  • Set Expectations for Success

To have the best week possible it is important to let your camper know what is expected of their behavior. Camp Thurman has crafted a camper code of conduct for this exact reason. Click here and review it with your camper! 

Our code of conduct for campers allows us to set boundaries and defuse situations from escalation. In order for the group to mesh well all the campers must be on the same page as to what is acceptable behavior at camp.

  • What to Pack for Camp

The most important things to send your camper with are a towel, a packed lunch, spray sunscreen, and bug spray. Camp Thurman provides some things like water bottles, but if you want to send one with your camper that is great too! At Camp Thurman we promote modesty, or as we like to call it, camp appropriate clothes. Our staff comply with similar guidelines. Basically, boys and girls alike should wear clothes that can get dirty. Texas summers are especially hot, so tank tops and shorts are great choices! Girl campers over the age of ten are required to wear one piece or tankini style swimsuits. One tip for girls is to wear swimsuits under clothes instead of bringing a change of clothes. Most girls do this including our girl counselors and it helps quicken the process considering campers go swimming twice a day. Finally, closed toed shoes are required on every ropes element, which happens multiple times a day. Therefore, it is easier for every camper to avoid flip flops and sandals in favor of more protective footwear.

  • What NOT to Bring

Things best left at home include valuable, electronic, and hazardous objects. This rule is something taken very seriously, but sometimes kids do crazy things. For example, one time a counselor was asked when Nintendo Switch time was. The counselor responded that Camp Thurman did not have any Nintendo Switches to play on. The camper then pulled out his own Switch from his backpack and asked if he could play. This is one of the funniest things that happened this summer! The mom was absolutely shocked when the counselor called to remind them not to bring electronics to camp. For a more comprehensive list of things better left at home click here! 

  • Trust Our Staff

Our staff goes through extensive training before working at camp and a lot of counselors have worked at camp for many summers. Trust the Camp Thurman staff to watch over and care for your camper during their week at camp. We ask that this trust also be extended during traffic. Drop off and pick up can be a stressful process but our staff know what they are doing. From 8:30 to 9:00 and 3:30 to 4:00 we see hundreds of cars and assist upwards of six hundred campers to and from their cars. This is made possible with our cooperation with the Pantego police department and our experienced staff directing traffic.