Summer 2020 Overview

     Summer 2020 is almost over and has been a great success! We have provided over 6,000 campers with our premier summer camp experience. This summer was different in many ways including heightened attention to sanitation and cleanliness. However, we did not let these additional priorities detract from the way in which we teach and demonstrate Jesus’ love everyday to the campers. Thank you parents for trusting our ministry to love and keep your camper safe. Camp Thurman is in compliance with every law and mandate, and we have some of our own additional regulations to help these kids experience some amount of normalcy during their summer. We served less campers this summer than normal, but we pray that being able to hold camp changed the lives of the campers that were able to attend. Not only did the campers get to enjoy their summer at Camp Thurman, but our staff feels extremely blessed to serve, worship, and grow in Christ this summer. 

     Camp Thurman is a place where Christ is the focal point, and with many churches and Bible studies suspended we are one of the few places still operating that places such importance on God. We are open completely in compliance with all laws and restrictions. One way in which we are protecting the kids is limiting their exposure by lowering the amount of people they come into contact with. We call this grouping method Cohorts, which refers to a coalition of four groups who traveled to all their activities together. Cohorts limited exposure exponentially and also allow for quick and easy containment in the rare case of an outbreak.


Eyes on the future

     Camp Thurman desires to continue serving its community in any way we can think even after the summer. Due to schools closing, CT has decided to offer two extra weeks of our summer camp experience and is introducing new fall programs. August 31st and September 25th our new fall programming begins! The fall programs will be half days out at Camp Thurman with the option of coming for five or three days. Registration is open now!

     The fall programing will bring together Camp Thurman’s two major programs. If you were unaware, in addition to Camp Thurman’s summer camp, we operate year round offering team building and facilitating group outings. Our goal is to combine these two programs to create a hybrid that is best able to stand in the gap that Covid-19 has presented in our society. With small concentrated groups exclusively operating outside and continuing our intentional sanitation regulations. We believe that we provide a safe environment for kids to stay active physically, socially and spiritually!


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