Preparing for Your Challenge Adventure

First, fill out our guest policies form.

To ensure your group is aware of our policies on a number of items, each group’s sponsor is required to complete our Guest Policies Form. Choose the button that pertains to your group.

Second, familiarize yourself with the details.

Your trip to camp is a great opportunity for safe, outdoor fun and education! In order for the day to be as great as it can be, familiarize yourself with information, waivers*, and more required of your group.

* Waivers required for all participants, sponsors, and volunteers must be completed before your challenge day begins.

Confirmed No. of Participants

We will need a confirmed number of participants 2 weeks prior to your arrival. This number will be used to create your invoice as well as for staffing purposes. Payment is due in full on the day of your event. We accept cash, check or credit card.

Complete List of Participants

Please provide a list of participants pre-divided into the designated number of groups (per conversation with camp staff). We encourage large groups (50+) to arrive with name tags.

Signed Waivers

Every participant, adult sponsor, volunteer must have a signed waiver before he/she can take part in the adventure day. Download & print waivers below.

Appropriate Clothing

Every participant must wear closed toe shoes. More information on what to wear and what to expect is available on our website. Group Sponsors will be asked to collect cell phones, and other valuables before starting activities.


Groups may bring sack lunches or we can provide you contact information to make your own arrangements for pizza or box lunches. The Group Sponsor is responsible for ordering, delivery and payment.

Inclement Weather

Camp will stay in touch with Group Sponsor if weather is questionable. It is always the group’s decision to reschedule, if needed. If event is cancelled 2 hrs prior to arrival, all monies will be refunded and day will be rescheduled, if possible.


Photos will be taken throughout your day at camp. A link to your pictures will be sent to you following your event.

Third, familiarize yourself with our bag policy.

We are asking that groups attending our programs refrain from bringing backpacks to Camp Thurman. This will apply to both students and adults in attendance.

All bags brought to camp will need to be clear. Individual lunches can be brought in normal sacks/lunchboxes, but must all be stored in a cooler or a large clear liner, and we will store them in a secure location. Any bags or backpacks brought to camp will be securely stored in a locked location and can be accessed when needed by a group sponsor and camp staff.

Medications needed on-hand will be stored in clear plastic bags and carried by sponsors, teachers, or camp staff.

Thank you for understanding our desire to provide a safe and fun camp environment.

Fourth, distribute waivers to all participants, sponsors, and volunteers.

Waivers are required for all participants, sponsors, and volunteers must be completed before your challenge day begins. Be sure to distribute the respective waivers to your participants, sponsors, and volunteers before your day here at Camp Thurman.

Adults 18 and Over

Minors Under 18