CIT Servant Leadership

Beginning in August 2021, we’re excited to start year two of our CIT Servant Leadership Program.

Designed for 2021-2022 9th grade students that are interested in applying to be a Counselor In Training in summer 2022, the program will provide participants with training, knowledge, and mentoring to better prepare them for work and ministry at Camp Thurman and beyond.

The CIT Servant Leadership Program will take place in the form of monthly sessions from August 2021 to December 2021, with applications and interviews for 2022 Summer Staff opening in January 2022.

Retreats and monthly sessions are mandatory and must be attended in full.

2021 Session Dates


Sun, August 29 (1:00pm-9:00pm) – Teambuilding Retreat


Mon, September 13 (4:30pm-9:00pm)*

Mon, October 4 (4:30pm-9:00pm)*

Mon, November 8 (4:30pm-9:00pm)*

Mon, December 6 (4:30pm-9:00pm)*


Christmas Event – December 11


Mission Arlington Christmas Store (4 hrs)

*Dinner included

What We Do

Our mission is to share God’s love and help people pursue their identity in Christ. We are motivated in all facets by our faith in Jesus Christ, attempting to serve as a reflection of God’s unconditional love for his people.

What We Believe

We believe that the Triune God has acted decisively in history to save sinners through the atoning work of Jesus. He will one day restore creation to its intended state of wholeness and flourishing when Jesus returns to fully overthrow sin, death, and suffering.

The good news of

Jesus’ kingdom is the

foundation for all we do.

2021 Camp Rates


Classic Day $299 per week

Sunshine $220 per week


ETC Camp $299 per week

Breakout Camp $299 per week


CIT Servant Leadership $299 for program


The same information as above applies through all of registration.

Registration Open Now