2021 Availability

Numbers shown represent the number of spots AVAILABLE in the camp week.

The charts below do not automatically update.
Please check the date at the bottom of the chart to see the time of the most recent update.
Current availability could be changed somewhat from what is listed.

Day Camps

Camp WeekDatesDay CampSunshine WeekBoysGirls
Week 1May 31-June 4CompletedWeek 1CompletedCompleted
Week 2June 7-11CompletedWeek 2CompletedCompleted
Week 3June 14-18CompletedWeek 3CompletedCompleted
Week 4June 21-25CompletedWeek 4CompletedCompleted
Week 5June 28 - July 2In ProgressWeek 5CompletedCompleted
Week 6July 5-9Waitlist OnlyWeek 6CompletedCompleted
Week 7July 12-16Waitlist OnlyWeek 7CompletedCompleted
Week 8July 19-23Waitlist OnlyWeek 8Waitlist Only3
Week 9July 26-30Waitlist OnlyWeek 954
Week 10Aug 2-6Boys-Waitlist
Girls - 5 spots
Week 101Waitlist Only
Week 11Aug 9-1339No Sunshine Camps Offered
Last updated: 7/19/21

Night Camps

Camp WeekDatesBoys AvailableGirls AvailableBreakout All Available
Week 2 ETCJune 7-11CompletedCompleted
Week 3 BreakoutJune 14-18Completed
Week 4 ETCJune 21-25CompletedCompleted
Week 5 BreakoutJune 28 - July 2Completed
Week 6 ETCJuly 5-9CompletedCompleted
Week 7 BreakoutJuly 12-16Completed
Last updated: 07/16/21

2021 Camp Rates – after January 1st


Classic Day $299 per week

Sunshine $220 per week


ETC Camp $299 per week

Breakout Camp $299 per week


CIT Servant Leadership $299 for program


The same information as above applies through all of registration.